COVID Solidarity & Advocacy

We Are in the 2nd Largest COVID Surge!

Local COVID Cautious communities: Washtenaw Covid Cautious Families, Still Masking Against Covid

Despite the pressure to “return to normal”. COVID-19 remains a devastating illness and the 4th leading cause of death in the United States. It is also the 8th leading cause of death for children. And when our governmental institutions & even hospitals place profit over public health, it is the most vulnerable that always pay the price. People that have compromised immune systems have been completely left out of the “return to normal”, but COVID isn’t safe for anyone and every infection increases your long term risks. We are learning more everyday but COVID is a leading cause of disability. Long COVID, T-Cell damage, Organ damage, Comparative to HIV are among the concerns that others are compiling here

We are committed to making our events and meetings accessible by:

  • Requiring & Supplying high-quality N95 masks
  • Hosting meetings online whenever possible
  • Evaluating event spaces for air quality and filtration (and bringing filters if necessary)

We are committed to improving COVID Safety and education in Ypsilanti and the surrounding areas by: