Fiscal Sponsorships

We provide fiscal sponsorships and infrastructure for initiatives in Ypsilanti. Please contact us to learn more.

Arts, Culture, and Benevolence

The Arts, Culture and Benevolence program works with members of our community that have mandatory state assigned service hours they must complete. We offer accessible ways of meeting this demand from the state through providing various forms of media (reading, podcasts, music, film, art) for people to engage with, with the option of producing material for the program and participating in other mutual aid work to complete their service hour requirement. Learn more.

Pantry Support

Food is a human right that needs to be fought for while we live under oppressive economic, social, and political systems. Together, we can uplift efforts to help each other meet our most basic needs. Through our Pantry Support Program, the MANY connects with food pantries that share our Ways of Being to offer volunteer labor, logistical support, fundraising, and connections to other local hospitality programs. Learn more.

Pull Over Prevention

The police are a racist and classist institution that puts the lives of people of color and immigrants at risk. Pull Over Prevention exists to empower people and help them avoid law enforcement, by repairing car issues that can lead to a traffic stop and promoting access to local resources. Learn more.

We’re publishing resources and media that have helped us become more involved and informed. We’re also publishing content we’ve created that focuses on providing tools and skills to reduce costs of living and increase involvement in revolutionary change.